Wellness Pods

Experience the ultimate in wellness, recovery and relaxation with our range of wellness pods. Improve sleep, alleviate pain and aid performance.

Breathing and Meditation Chair

The world's first Breathing & Meditation Chair - the O2 Chair.

Infrared Sauna with Meditation

The Infrared Sauna with Meditation uses infrared heat technology for a total body and mind detox.

Recovery Massage

The Recovery Massage Chair is the perfect body and mind recovery balance.

Neck Massage Cushion

Sit back, relax and feel the stress melt away with your Luxury Neck Massage Cushion.

Relieving Massage Cushion

The Relieving Massage Cushion uses 3D dual rollers which rotate backwards and forwards for the ultimate in relaxation.

Foot Massaging Ottoman

Treat your feet and sink them into the Foot Massaging Ottoman.