Shopping centres & retail spaces

Retail trade is incredibly challenging nowadays, as consumers have shifted towards online shopping, but there are trailblazing brands that have shown how this challenge can be confronted head-on.

The solution: to offer customers more than just a traditional retail setting. It’s about providing an experience – something that immerses the consumer in the brand and offers so much more than an online shop ever could.

This is where Wellness Solutions can help. Our mission: to redefine the traditional shopping experience, providing the tools for shopping centres and retail spaces to create immersive, on-site wellness experiences and wellness lounges – and with it build a more fulfilled, loyal community of regular visitors.

We work with a wide range of shopping and retail facilities to provide a complete wellness offering for customers and staff. See some of our clients here.

Our retail offerings

  • Wellness Lounges: providing a place for people to connect, relax and recover, and work on their overall wellbeing. These lounges include immersive studios for movement and relaxation, wellness pods, communal areas plus much more. 
  • Innovative Wellness Pods including the O2 Chair – the world’s first breathing & mediation chair, recovery chair and infrared sauna. These pods provide an additional experience for your customers, as well as providing you with opportunities for secondary revenue. 
  • Multi-use LED display screens that are high-quality, cost-effective and versatile screens that can be used anywhere; from advertising displays, immersive experiences, retail shop front displays & much more.
  • Wellness Technology Options for accessing video content including; in-studio/facility Wellness Solutions player, integration into a current system or Wellness On Demand platform where retailers or staff can access wellness videos anywhere, at any time.

Example wellness lounges