Retirement homes & aged facilities

Wellness Solutions provides innovative products and services that allow you to present residents, members and employees a tailored, uncomplicated, seamless health and wellbeing solution.  Healthy ageing is key to the ethos of Wellness Solutions and our definition of wellness, centres on quality of life.  Our solutions are focused on movement and wellness in later life, with a wide range of innovative products designed to promote movement, mobility, recovery and relaxation.  We work with retirement, residential and community facilities to provide a wellness offering for the 65+ audience. See all of our clients here.

Has your retirement, residential or community facility been affected by COVID-19?

We can help you bring virtual health, movement and wellness solutions to your residents so everyone can maintain a healthy body and mind. Speak to the team today. Email us or phone us +61435969272

Our Retirement Home & Aged Care Facility Offerings

Senior Specific Exercise & Movement Video Libraries

With over 500 Move123 Silver classes by world class instructors designed to encourage movement and mobility. These classes were created for older population to aid in active ageing and with confidence, with short duration times and various mobility movements. These videos are great for designated wellness spaces, and in-room options.

Wellness Education Video Libraries

With over 1,000 Mind123 sessions covering a broad range of health. Movement and wellness topics aimed to educate, motivate and inspire. Topics covered include; loneliness, dealing with grief, positive ageing, improving memory and much more. These videos are great for shared spaces, and in-room options.

Wellness Technology Options

For accessing video content including; in-studio/facility Wellness Solutions player, integration into a current system or Wellness On Demand platform where residents can access wellness videos anywhere, at any time. If your normal operations have been affected lately speak to us about how Wellness Solutions can help you and your residents.

Innovative Wellness Pods

Focus on movement and recovery and offer both short term and long term health and wellness benefits. Our Pods include; the O2 Chair – the world’s first breathing & meditation chair, recovery chair and infrared sauna.

Mini Massagers

The perfect addition to any home environment. Mini Massagers are wireless, lightweight and portable. Offering our Relieving Massage Cushion, Foot Massaging Ottoman & Luxury Neck Massage Cushion.

Wellness Fit-Outs & Lounges

Cost-effectively transform any space into a premium, multi-functional wellness space. This includes conversions of existing facilities; anything from current studios, conference rooms, sports courts and more.

Move123 Silver Library

Our Move123 Silver Library of 500+ classes focuses on movement and mobility and has been carefully designed for our older population to aid in ageing actively and with confidence.

Our highly skilled instructors deliver age appropriate classes in a supportive, encouraging, safe and fun manner. There are 9 different collections of classes to choose from, ranging from 5, 10 and 20 minute options, plus movement variations include Seated, Chair Assisted, Free Standing and Floor Work.