LED Screens

LED Display Screens

We specialise in LED Display Screens that are high quality, cost effective and can be used in a variety of applications. Applications include; Virtual Studios, Meeting/conference rooms, Advertising Display, Exhibitions, Shopping Centres, Retail Shopfront Displays & much more!

We also offer the latest technology in Transparent LED screens that will take your promotion or message to the next level!

Full purchase, lease to buy and rental options available*. 

Wellness Solutions have global distributors in UK & Europe, Australia and the US.

We are proud to offer our clients across the UK and Europe the service and support of our UK distributors CRE.


  • MULTI USE - Can be used for virtual studios, advertising screens & more
  • DURABLE - Long lasting LED technology - 100,000 hours = 10 years (running 24/7) - great ROI
  • HIGH QUALITY - Modern design, extremely reliable and high quality images
  • CUSTOM BUILT - Modular design allows for variable sizes and custom options
  • EASY INSTALL AND SERVICE - LED magnetic module design allows for easy and quick install and convenient front and rear service options
  • GLOBAL - Warehouse and support teams
  • FULL CONSULTATION AND FIT OUT - Options available from a team with over 20 years operator experience
  • GLOBAL BASES - For local installations and after sales support

Add On: Lighting

To complement your LED display screen we also offer high quality LED lighting strips. This lighting transforms any room and enhances the experience.

  • HIGH QUALITY - Modern design, durable and high quality
  • COMPLETE PACKAGE - LED strips, power supplies and wide range of controllers all included
  • MULTI USE - Can be used for virtual studios, instructor-led studios, conference rooms or display centres
  • CUSTOM BUILT - Designed and installed for your space

Add On: Flooring

Finish off your studio or conference room with our modern, durable and commercial grade flooring.

  • MULTI USE - Suitable for all types of fitness studios and high traffic areas. Commercial grade, highly durable
  • HIGH QUALITY - Modern design, durable and high quality
  • CUSTOM BUILT - Designed and installed for your space


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