Videos – Business

Are you looking for:

Exercise, Movement, Mindfulness or Wellness Education Videos for your

employees, teams, residents or customers?

The Wellness Solutions library contains thousands of videos to choose from. 

Created in bite size formats to suit your needs

  • Move123 includes 5, 10, 20, 30 minute options
  • Move123 Silver includes 5, 10 & 20 minute options
  • Mind123 includes 3, 6, 9 & 12 minute options

Choose from multiple streaming options

  • Access via smartphone, tablet or install a player and screen in your workplace 
  • User licenses available 
  • Option to integrate directly with your own content delivery system/application or company website

Move123 Movement & Exercise Library

Recommended for Everyone

  • 3,000+ classes available 
  • Low intensity includes Yoga, Meditation and Breathe 
  • High intensity includes Cardio, Strength and Dance.

Move123 Silver Movement Library

Recommended for Senior / Older Adults

  • 500+ classes available 
  • Focuses on movement and mobility
  • Seated, Chair assisted and free standing  / floor work options

Mind123 Wellness Education Library

Recommended for Everyone

  • 1,000+ wellness education videos available 
  • Topics include Health, Self, Relationships, Wealth, Nutrition
  • Interviews with health and wellness experts

Wellness Programs

7 Day Programs (perfect for specific goals eg: Healthy Mind, More Energy)

Introductory programs (perfect for beginners or people new to an exercise)

How to access video content?

Option #1: Via our Wellness On Demand platform

  • The Wellness On Demand platform gives your employees, customers or members access to premium wellness content anywhere, to any internet-enabled device. 
  • Accessible via a login on their smartphone, tablet or computer. 
  • Connect or cast a mobile device to a TV. 
  • Connect directly to your company's own platform.

Using our Wellness Solutions Media Player

  • The Wellness Solutions Player allows you to store our wellness content locally and deliver it to your employees, customers or members as an on demand service or in a pre-scheduled format.