Videos – Individuals

Are you looking for:

Exercise, movement, mindfulness and wellness education videos to stream at home or on-the-go 24/7? 

The Wellness Solutions library contains thousands of videos to choose from: 

Move123 includes 5, 10, 20, 30 minute options

Move123 Silver includes 5, 10, 20 minute options

Mind123 includes 3, 6, 9 & 12 minute options

Access them via smartphone, tablet, Computer or smart TV

Move123 Movement & Exercise Library

Recommended for Everyone

  • 3,000+ classes available 
  • Low intensity includes Yoga, Meditation and Breathe 
  • High intensity includes Cardio, Strength and Dance.

    Move123 Silver Movement Library

    Recommended for Senior / Older Adults

    • 500+ classes available 
    • Focuses on movement and mobility
    • Seated, Chair assisted and free standing  / floor work options

    Mind123 Wellness Education Library

    Recommended for Everyone

    • 1,000+ wellness education videos available 
    • Topics include Health, Self, Relationships, Wealth, Nutrition
    • Interviews with health and wellness experts

    Wellness Programs

    7 Day Programs (perfect for specific goals eg: Healthy Mind, More Energy)

    Introductory programs (perfect for beginners or people new to an exercise)

    How do I access all the videos?

    It's easy with Wellness On Demand

    • The Wellness On Demand platform gives you access to all the Move123, Move123 Silver and Mind123 videos anywhere, to any internet-enabled device. 
    • Accessible via a login on their smartphone, tablet or computer. 
    • Connect or cast a mobile device to a TV.