Extract from interview with Tony de Leede, Founder of Wellness Solutions. 

Back in the 90s when people were taking breaks, they were called smoking breaks or often called the ‘Smoko’. Fortunately in 2022 Smoko breaks are few and far between, but it's still important that people take a break, particularly now that so many of us spend hours sitting at a desk in front of a computer screen.

More than ever stress is the biggest killer and a major problem in many environments. For this reason, we believe taking Wellness Breaks - which we call the "Wello" - is very relevant to corporations, at home, in hotels, anywhere you are. Everyone needs a wellness break.


What does a Wello Wellness Break look like?

We recommend a 5 minute wellness break several times throughout the day. During this time you might do a short Breathe, Meditation or Stretch session, all of which we provide via the Wellness On Demand app. In a business you may choose to convert an office or meeting space into a Wellness Room that streams continuous wellness content, so staff, residents or guests can take a 5 minute Wello break anytime they wish.

Another great Wello break option are our range of Wellness Pods, which include the O2 Breathing & Meditation Chair, the Recovery Massage Chair and the Infrared Sauna. Benefits of these pods include helping reduce stress, improving sleep, alleviating pain and improving physical and mental performance. Taking a Wello break in one of our custom designed pods is the perfect way to refresh and recharge.