Recovery Massage Chair

The Recovery Massage Chair is more than a traditional massage chair. With unique full body scanning technology it offers a personalised and total mind and body recovery experience. The Recovery Massage Chair leaves you feeling relaxed, recharged, and recovered.


Improve Performance

Stress Release

Increase Focus & Productivity

Reduce Blood Pressure

Improve Heart Function

Mental Recovery

Payment plans available on the Recovery Massage Chair

Features of Recovery Massage Chair

How it works

Automatic Body Detection: automatic body scan measures the length of your spine and adjusts the massage accordingly for full body coverage.

Systemic Heating Function:  Intelligent temperature control evenly heats the body to increase blood flow and circulation. 

Adjustable Airbag Strength: Promote blood circulation and relieve fatigue. Choose from three settings; mild for gentle pressure, moderate for deep kneading and severe for strong press.

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