Infrared Sauna with Meditation

The Infrared Sauna uses a unique combination of infrared heat technology and colour light therapy to restore physical and mental balance.

Our saunas are space-efficient and allow users to remain fully clothed whilst still enjoying the full range of benefits.

Enjoy total body and mind recovery therapy through infrared heat. 


Improve Performance

Stress Release

Increase Focus & Productivity

Reduce Blood Pressure

Improve Heart Function

Mental Recovery

Payment plans available on the Infrared Sauna

Features of Infrared Sauna

How it works

Infrared v traditional saunas: infrared Saunas use light to create heat meaning they can heat your body directly , whereas traditional saunas heat the air around you which in turn heats your body. This means infrared saunas are able to penetrate deep into muscle tissue and detoxify from the inside out.

In traditional saunas 95-97% of sweat from users contains water, compared to infrared sauna users; where their sweat contained only 80-85% water. The remaining fluid from infrared saunas is made up of cholesterol, fat soluble toxins, toxic heavy metals, sulfuric acid, sodium ammonia, and uric acid (Adams ,2008).

Bottom line: your body detoxes quicker and more effectively in an infrared sauna.

Himalayan Pink Salt: you can add Himalayan pink salt to any of our saunas for a better all round experience. When heated the Himalayan pink salt in the air undergoes an ionization process which naturally purifies the oxygen. Spending time in this salt therapy environment (also known as halotherapy) reduces stress, eases skin irritations and boosts energy.

Colour Therapy: our saunas have a colour therapy feature. Colour therapy uses the energy of colour to assist the body with its own natural ability to heal, energise and soothe. Each colour frequency affects different energy and emotions in the body.

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