Zen Immersive Room

The Zen Immersive Room is the perfect place to clear the mind, recharge and refresh.

Designed so people can curate their own wellness experience. 

When entering the room, they can select a scent, lighting and content.

1. Choose your Scent

Choose from a range of essential oils that will enhance feelings of wellness and relaxation.

2. Choose your Lighting

Colour therapy uses the energy of colour to assist the body with its own natural ability to heal, energise and soothe.

3. Choose your Class

Enjoy a quiet meditation, breathe, stretch, pilates, yoga or tai chi class from our Move123 series.

Zen Immersive Room

Our LED Screens

We specialise in LED Display Screens that are high quality, cost effective and can be used in a variety of applications. Applications include; Virtual Studios, Meeting/conference rooms, Advertising Display, Exhibitions, Shopping Centres, Retail Shopfront Displays & much more. 

Interested in a Zen Immersive Room?