Somadome Deep Meditation

The Somadome is your personal sanctuary, a tool for transcendence. It uses light and binaural beats for meditation that leads to deep relaxation and calm as well as light and colour therapy to transform your body's state at the cellular level.


Improve Performance

Stress Release

Increase Focus & Productivity

Reduce Blood Pressure

Improve Heart Function

Mental Recovery

Features of Somadome

  • All Somadome meditation programmes use colour therapy that relax the mind and body into an infinite colour space.

  • The Somadome incorporates energy therapy through healing magnets built into its base and micro crystalline tiles found within the dome.

  • Magnet therapy enhances feeling calm and connected, the same feeling we get when we spend time in nature.

How it works

Deep Meditation Reimagined: The Somadome Meditation Pod is your portal to profound relaxation and inner peace. As you step inside, you’ll enter a tranquil world free from external distractions.

EMR Radiation Shield: The Somadome is designed to shield you from electromagnetic radiation (EMR), allowing your mind to fully disconnect from the chaos of the outside world. It creates a sanctuary for your meditation practice.

Guided by Light: Integrated light therapy gently guides your mind into a meditative state. The soft hues and patterns synchronize with your breath, facilitating a seamless transition into deep relaxation.

Flexible Sessions: Whether you have 15 minutes or 30, the Somadome accommodates your preferences. Choose the duration that suits your schedule and meditation goals.

Inner Balance: Inside the Somadome, you’ll find an oasis of serenity. The combination of EMR protection, light therapy, and personalized meditation practices leads to profound inner balance and rejuvenation.

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