O2 Breathing & Meditation Chair FAQ's

About O2 Breathing Chair

What is a breathing & meditation chair?

The breathing & meditation chair is a chair designed to encourage diaphragmatic breathing, with back rollers physically assisting the rhythm of deep inhalation and exhalation, guiding you to breathe better. The chair has a built-in audio guide and purifier which releases O2 concentrated air into your breathing space.

Does the breathing & meditation chair offer different settings & programs?

Yes, the chair includes both guided breathing and meditation sessions focusing on different areas such as Initiation (beginner), Relaxation, Recovery and Focus.

How long are the sessions?

Sessions range from 5, 10, 15 or 20 minutes.

Do I need any experience with meditation previously to use this chair?

No, the chair has an initiation program if you're a beginner.

What's different to this chair compared to a regular massage chair?

The chair rollers move rhythmically to encourage deep inhalation and exhalation rather than massaging muscles of the body. It works to teach the user deep breathing techniques rather than just surface level massage.

Can I change the heat / swing settings?

Yes, these can be turned on and off during a session.

Where could I put a breathing & meditation chair?

We recommend any covered area with a power source. These chairs are perfect for the home, office, spa, aged care facilities and fitness and wellness facilities.

How does zero-gravity experience work?

The chair has a recline function to give the feeling of weightlessness as it tilts back to ‘zero gravity’.

How does the air purifier work?

The chair is fitted with an air concentrator which purifies and concentrates  the percentage of O2 from the air it draws in, then releases this through the O2 spout positioned in front of the users face/nostrils.

O2 Breathing Chair Product Details

What are the specifications of the Breathing & Meditation Chair?

Dimensions: 115cm x 80cm x 125cm (approx.)

Net weight :115kg

Power Consumption: 170W

Voltage Rate: 110-240 V

Can I set up a usage fee for my business to make profit from the chair?

Yes, speak to Wellness Solutions regarding ROI plans. Click here to contact us.

How does the delivery & installation work?

We deliver globally and provide installation and set up as well as on-going usage support.

What are the delivery times to Australia, UK and US?

Stocked items in Australia, US and UK take 1-2 weeks. Speak to a WS consultant to confirm the delivery times for your area.

Do you deliver anywhere in the world?

Yes we do! Speak to the Wellness Solutions team for more info. Click here to contact us.

Can I program my own meditation into the chair?

Unfortunately you are not able to program your own as breathing experts have designed these current programs for maximum efficiency.

Where can I trial one of your chairs?

Book in through our appointments page, email on info@wellnesssolutions.com.au or call our Sydney Team on: +612 9126 8811.

How can I find the chair?

Speak to the Wellness Solutions team for information on pricing here.

Can I lease or lease-to-buy the breathing and meditation chair?

Yes, there are lease to buy or rental options available.


How do I ensure the chair stays clean?

Clean the surface with mild or neutral detergent. Dust can be cleaned off with damp cloth/mild detergent and air dry. Do not use damp cloth on electrical components.

What does my warranty cover?

Two years warranty on parts.


I have an existing medical condition, can I still use the chair?

Consult your GP prior to use if you have a heart condition, lung or asthma condition, blood pressure or circulation disorder. Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or have an ongoing illness. Not recommended for small children.

Is there a weight limit to the chair?

Up to 120 kg / 264 Lbs.


What if the chair fails to operate?

If the chair fails to operate when a session is started the tablet may have lost its Bluetooth connection to the chair. To restore the connection follow these steps:


1. Power off the chair off using the switch on the bottom right-hand side of the chair for a minimum of 10 seconds

2. Restart the tablet using the white stick by inserting it into the hole at the top of the tablet enclosure. 

3. A Power Off and Restart icon will appear so Tap Restart

4. Power on the chair using the switch on the bottom right-hand side of the chair

5. When the tablet has restarted, open the O2Chair app

6. Go to the app Admin settings and check that Bluetooth status shows as ‘Connected’

7. Close out of the Admin settings and start using the chair.

8. If the Bluetooth status shows as ‘No chair access’, please follow the Bluetooth Pairing Guide below.

Bluetooth Pairing Guide

1. Remove the tablet faceplate from the enclosure using the key provided

2. Swipe down the top of the screen

3. Tap the Settings icon/cog

4. Tap Connections

5. Tap Bluetooth

6. Underneath Available device tap the chair number starting with RC

7. Once paired, tap the Settings icon/cog

8. Toggle off Media Audio

9. Tap the Home button and open the O2Chair app

10. Go to the app Admin settings and check that Bluetooth status shows as ‘Connected’

Admin settings access guide

1. When the O2 chair app is open, select Breathing or Meditation

2. Tap and hold the 2 on O2Chair in the top right hand side of the screen for 2 seconds

3. You can now adjust the default settings based on your requirements

Chair app Install/Re-install Guide

1. Remove the faceplate of the tablet holder using the key provided with the chair

2. Press the Home button on the tablet

3. Open the Relution app

4. Look for the O2Medit app

5. Tap the … menu and select either Install to install the app for the first time or Uninstall to reinstall the app (If installing for the first time go to step 10)

6. Once the app has been uninstalled, restart the tablet by pressing and holding the power button until the Restart option appears

7. Once the tablet has restarted, tap the Relution app to open

8. Look for the O2Medit app

9. Tap the … menu and select Install

10. Once the app has been installed, press the Home button

11. Open the O2Medit app