Wellness Video FAQ's

Using the videos

What is so unique about Wellness Solutions video content?

Wellness Solutions offer three libraries of video content across Move123, Move123 Silver and Mind123 focusing on exercise and movement videos, senior specific movement videos and wellness education videos. 

They are continuously growing libraries of fresh and up to date exercise, movement and wellness content that has been designed with you, the user in mind. Move123 has classes across 10 different collections, all taught by the world's leading experts, while Move123 Silver has senior specific classes across 9 different collections, each created for users to age actively and with confidence. Mind123 has wellness education sessions across 6 different collections, each talk designed to educate, motivate and inspire.

We recognise that you live a busy life, that’s why within our Move123 and Move123 Silver classes are offered in bite sized durations of 5, 10, 20 and 30 (Move123 only) minute videos while our Mind123 sessions are offered in 3, 6, 9 or 12 minute bite sized durations. It’s now even easier to fit exercise, movement and wellness into your day with Wellness Solutions.

What types of classes does Wellness Solutions video content offer?

MOVE123 offers a wide range of low to high intensity exercise and movement videos across 10 collections which means there's something for everyone. These include; 

Meditation - focus on self & mindfulness 

Breathe - practice or controlled, deep and diaphragmatic breathing

Yoga - ancient practice creates synergy between mind and body

Pilates - focus on flexibility, range of motion, balance and posture

Stretch - total body to desk sitters, stretches for any place and everybody

Dance - easy to follow, fun way to move from Latino to urban ballet

Barre - combines ballet and Pilates moves to tone and lengthen

Fight - move like a fighter, techniques from martial arts, boxing, self defence and more.

Cardio - all levels of fitness - HIIT, circuit and aerobics to get the blood pumping

Strength - move to create resilience and strengthen your body

Chi - movements that help improve circulation, balance and alignment

Cycle - low impact, high energy classes that are designed to increase your cardiovascular fitness

MOVE123 SILVER offers senior specific movement videos specially designed to aid with ageing actively and with confidence across 9 collections. All of our Silver collections offer movement variations and work around low impact exercises focused on getting your body moving safely and comfortably. Our classes can be done sitting in a chair, standing next to a chair and using it for support, or on the floor for those with greater mobility. These include;

Meditation - focus on self & mindfulness, calm the mind

Breathe - easy to follow intentional breathing, relaxation techniques

Yoga - develop mobility, flexibility and strength to calm system

Pilates - focus on flexibility, range of motion, balance and posture

Stretch - movements to increase flexibility and release tension

Dance - easy to follow, increase heart rate and elevate mood

Fight - improve coordination, balance and cognitive function 

Cardio - strengthening heart and elevating energy levels

Strength - strengthen muscles and bones, focus on fall prevention and balance

Chi - movements that help improve circulation, balance and alignment

Cycle - low impact, high energy classes that are designed to increase your cardiovascular fitness

MIND123 wellness educational sessions offer informative and motivational videos across 6 different collections, each delivered by world class experts and designed to educate, engage and inspire. These include;

Beauty - providing guidance across all things skin, hair, makeup and more

Health - explore various components of living a happy and healthy life

Nutrition - focus on positive and holistic approach to nutrition

Relationships - explore and understand the elements of personal & professional relationships

Self - cultivate a meaningful relationship with yourself 

Wealth - get wiser and more confident with your money

How will I know which is the right class or session for me?

We have created each class or session with the user in mind. Each of our exercise and movement classes vary in intensity, which means there is something for everyone. We offer everything from the foundations of movements and exercise to advanced classes. Our wellness sessions also offer a range of topics and perspectives, all broken down in easy to understand interviews. All you will need to do is decide what you feel like on the day.

Will I need any equipment for the exercise classes?

Move123 and Move123 Silver are designed for you to be able to participate in all classes with just your bodyweight. Though, if you are looking to increase intensity you may add optional equipment like resistance bands, hand weights or blocks.

Will I get the same experience in the exercise classes without an instructor in the room with me?

Your experience will be the same as with an instructor, if not better. Every Move123 and Move123 Silver video has been designed by qualified, experienced industry professionals, and created with the world’s best instructors. Classes are without load and low impact, making them safe without supervision. Each of our instructors are endorsed by the industry as the highest calibre of instructors, and we never use any newcomers

Do I need to be fit to undertake an exercise class?

Not at all. Every class can be modified for various fitness levels and those with lower mobility. Each user is encouraged to take it at their own pace, and follow their individual capabilities. Another advantage of Move123 and Move123 Silver is that you can opt for a shorter class, such as a 5 or 10 minute class, which will help you work towards your goals in bite size durations.

Do I need any prior knowledge on subjects before I watch a wellness session?

Nope! The beauty of these videos is that anyone, anywhere can watch any of the videos across collections and walk away with a better understanding of the topic. Our experts break it down into easy to understand, digestible educational lessons.

Should I check with my GP before starting an exercise class?

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, have not participated in any form of movement or fitness in a long time, or are pregnant we encourage you to speak to a medical professional.

Accessing Video Content

How often is new video content updated and released?

We have a vast library of content that is growing rapidly and will continue to do so. Regular refreshes are available and continuous updates are included in your subscription. Keep an eye out for your favourite instructors and experts as we continue to release more!

How does a Wellness Solutions subscription work?

A Wellness On Demand subscription is ideal for those looking to work on their exercise, movement and wellness. Access your account from any internet-enabled device, anytime, anywhere and away you go. Your subscription includes a rolling monthly payment and is debited from your nominated account. To cancel your subscription at any time simply email info@wellnesssolutions.com.au with your request to cancel.

If you are a business looking to provide Wellness On Demand please contact us on info@wellnesssolutions.com.au.

How do I play the videos?

You can play videos through your Wellness On Demand account. You will need to access this through any internet-enabled device. Simply scroll through the videos available, select which one you’re interested in and press play. With Wellness On Demand you have access to exercise, movement and wellness videos in seconds!

If you are a business we have a number of different options to play or access your videos including; user licences for accessing our Wellness On Demand platform, integration directly with your own content delivery system/app/company website or an in-facility Wellness Solutions player. This player will allow you to offer videos in your facility via a tablet device. Classes are then delivered either on demand or pre-scheduled into a timetable.

Who can I contact for help and support with Wellness On Demand?

You can contact our Wellness Solutions support team at any time on support@wellnesssolutions.com.au

Is Wellness On Demand available globally?

Yes, Wellness On Demand is available globally. We currently have people using our wellness platforms across the UK, Canada, Europe and more!

Can I try Wellness On Demand for free?

Yes! You can trial Wellness On Demand for 30 days for FREE! Click here for more information.

Videos for Business

How is Wellness Solutions different to other content providers?

Wellness Solutions video content is designed with over 100 years industry experience combined. We have found solutions for the everyday challenges that can come with running movement and exercise classes and educational sessions such as; timetables, class changeovers and ease of access. 

One of the standout features of Wellness Solutions video libraries is that we specialise in short, bite sized durations with Move123 and Move123 Silver classes offering 5, 10, 20 and 30 (Move123 only) minute classes that become a great tool to get your members/staff/team moving. Mind123 wellness educational sessions offer 3, 6, 9 and 12 minute videos which are great wellness breaks and can easily fit into anyone’s daily schedule. 

We are continually building a library of content that will suit each individual's lifestyle and time requirements in an effort to make health and wellness flexible, and achievable. 

What is the benefit of the 5, 10, 20 and 30 minute exercise pieces?

We know that the number one reason people use for not exercising is that they don’t have enough time. Move123 and Move123 Silver can help you eliminate that barrier for your members/staff/team with our short duration options making exercise and movement effective and achievable.

These shorter classes are such a great way to bridge the gap for people new to exercise who may feel too intimidated to go into a full class straight away. Short classes are also ideal if you’re introducing movement into the workplace, as employees may feel obligated with longer sessions. 

Our 10 minute classes also work well to add on to the end of a longer class, if you have high demand times, or someone is looking for a quick reset of the body and mind.

How can I offer Mind123 educational wellness sessions?

These short videos are a great way to engage and offer your members/employees/guests an extra benefit. Each video is engaging, relevant and easy to understand and can be played through any internet enabled device and modern fitness equipment. This means that as an employer Mind123 can be accessed by staff from their desks, or as a health club provider as active education! It’s really about what suits you and your audience.

We have minimal to no equipment in our designated exercise rooms/spaces, can we still use Move123?

Yes! Most of our classes are done with bodyweight only. If any equipment is used there is always a bodyweight modification offered. Or you can choose programs that are exclusively bodyweight only that will complement your space.

What are the content packages options?

We offer a range of content packages that are uniquely designed to offer a range of collections depending on where and how you want to use your Move123, Move123 Silver and Mind123 content. Our packages include;

Combo: our combo package offers classes that range from Yoga, Stretch, Pilates, Meditation and Breathe right through to Cardio, Fight, Strength, Barre and Dance. This ensures there is an exercise video for everyone!

Recovery: our recovery package includes Stretch, Meditation and Breathe classes with bite size 5 and 10 minute options. These classes allow the participants to enjoy short snippets of time to relax and recover.

ZenDen: our ZenDen package includes Yoga, Pilates, Stretch, Breathe and Meditation videos which provide the perfect low impact classes to allow participants to relax, recover and recharge.

Silver: our Silver package includes our full movement library designed specifically for seniors. These classes focus on movement and mobility and have been carefully designed for the older population to aid in ageing actively and with confidence.

Mind: our Mind package includes Health, Nutrition and Relationships motivational and education videos. These videos help participants to focus on their own wellness and reconnect mind, body and spirit.

As a fitness or health facility do I have to use a Move123 timetable or can I slot Move123 content in with my current timetable?

Our content will fit nicely into your current timetable although we also have enough variety for you to use a Move123 timetable exclusively.

I don't have a designated wellness space but want to use the content.

You can still use our content even without a designated space! We have a range of packages available that are outlined above and each bundle can be provided to you through a range of options. These include; providing user licences for accessing our Wellness On Demand platform, integration directly with your own content delivery system/app/company website or an in-facility Wellness Solutions player. Not too sure which is the right choice? Our team of experts can help determine this!

How do I play the classes and sessions?

This depends on your set up and agreed subscription. Typically your subscription will be played in designated locations through a Wellness Solutions media player and your own screen. However we also offer Wellness On Demand options that can be accessed through a web portal with any internet enabled device, or system integration which means our videos can be accessed through your own internal platform.

How do I set up my Wellness Solutions classes as a facility?

If you are using a Wellness Solutions Player you will be able to schedule classes and create your own timetable. Simply login through your member admin portal to design your unique timetable! We also have a range of template timetables we can provide you with.

With Move123, Move123 Silver and Mind123 there is also the ability to leave classes ‘on-demand’. This means users can pick and choose their classes for the collection and duration that suits them.

Who can I contact for help and support with Wellness Solutions content?

You can contact our Wellness Solutions support team on support@wellnesssolutions.com.au.

Is Wellness Solutions video content supported globally?

Yes, our video content is supported globally. We currently have clients across the world and local support offices in a number of countries.

How can I try out a Wellness Solutions class?

If you are interested in setting up video content for your business then speak to our team today on info@wellnesssolutions.com.au. We can organise a free trial of our Wellness On Demand for you to try out and sample our Move123, Move123 Silver and Mind123 video content.