With the corporate landscape turned upside down over the past 2 years, much of the workforce has been split into a hybrid model - a mixture of working in the office and working from home.  

This means employee wellness programs need to be flexible in order to support a range of different working environments. So how can companies cater to all these areas when their workforce is spread across multiple locations and potentially working at a variety of times?

This is where innovative technology comes into play with wellness videos, healthy living programs, wellness pods and custom designed wellness spaces.


Wellness Videos

Catering for the hybrid business model are solutions such as Wellness On Demand, a library of over 3,000 short form (5 - 30 mins) exercise and movement videos, all perfectly positioned for employees to use in breaks throughout the day - whether they are working from the office, from home or whilst travelling. 

The content includes cutting edge videos across 10 different collections, with low intensity classes such as Yoga, Meditation, Stretch, Breathe and Pilates right through to high intensity classes such as Cardio, Fight, Strength, Barre and Dance. 

Accessing the videos is easy and the delivery platform can be White Labelled to reflect company branding. The videos can be accessed via a login via smartphone, tablet or computer, connect or cast a mobile device to a TV or connect directly to a company's own platform.


Healthy Living Programs

Designed to benefit employees by using a holistic approach to wellness with focus areas including sleep, nutrition, movement, energy and stress. 

Programs can fit into any schedule and can be done in less than 20 minutes per day.  Each program includes daily exercise and movement videos, wellness education videos and educational articles.   

The 7 day programs can be set up for emails to be delivered directly to your team's inbox over the 7 days.  The best part is, all the program content is set up in a template and ready to go.  Healthy Living Programs are another great way of keeping employees engaged regardless of their work type, hours or location. 


Wellness Pods 

Wellness Pods are versatile and space efficient, suitable for any size office or workspace.  They can help reduce stress, increase productivity and improve sleep.  Options include the O2 Breathing and Meditation Chair, the Recovery Massage Chair and the Infrared Sauna with Mediation

To help companies integrate the use of wellness pods and videos, Wellness Solutions have introduced the concept of a “Wello” - the 2022 healthy version of the now largely non-existent “smoko”. 

A ‘Wello’ break is a 5 - 10 minute break taken throughout the day where employees can choose to enjoy a session in a wellness pod or take part in a Stretch, Yoga or Meditation session streamed directly to their computer, phone or the company boardroom.  


Wellness Spaces  

For businesses looking for a great reason to get employees back to the office, look no further than a custom space such as a Wellness Lounge or Zen Room

An office can be converted into a wellness room with an LED Screen and Pod.  A boardroom can convert to a multipurpose space where staff can take part in exercise and movement programs streamed directly to a digital screen. Or looking for something extra special?  A Zen Room is designed so employees can curate their own wellness experience by selecting the room scent, lighting and mindfulness content.

To find out more about creating a healthy workplace in your office, book a free consultation today at https://wellnesssolutions.com.au/pages/contact