Storylines has announced Wellness Entrepreneur and Founder of Wellness Solutions, Tony de Leede, as a partner to build the largest Wellness Centre at Sea onboard their Private Residential Ship.

"Our aim is for the Storylines residents to live a happier, healthier, and longer life, and Wellness Solutions is a big part of this mantra. The accumulative effect of the lifestyle we offer will ensure this is the residents' reality." said Storylines CEO Alister Punton.

Storylines MV Narrative is scheduled to begin its maiden voyage in 2025, with plans to touch down on six continents during that time. The ship includes fully furnished one-to-four-bedroom residences, along with studios and two-story penthouses with an average starting price of just $US875,000

Owners living aboard the ship will enjoy a 10,000 square foot health and wellness spa with anti-aging clinic and extensive indoor and outdoor fitness areas. The extensive wellness facilities are part of the company’s goal of providing a healthy travel lifestyle for the global citizens living aboard, enabling them to reach and maintain their optimal state of health while they travel the world.

The wellness center will be open 24/7 and includes a waterfront gym, lap pool, meditation room, fitness class spaces, relaxation pods, jacuzzi, steam room, breathing and meditation chairs, recovery massage chairs, infrared saunas and more. There are also digital immersive activities where residents can use ‘zen rooms’ where they curate their own experience through a choice of scents, lighting and digital content including stretch, meditation and breathing exercises. The digital content is also available in the residences so owners onboard can focus on their wellness journey in the comfort of their home.

“What we offer is a complete all-round wellness experience. These experiences are proven to reduce stress and increase productivity, which is an important aspect of the lifestyle as many in the Storylines community will be working remotely. The key is to deliver these activities in bite sized chunks, which is more easily digestible and likely to become part of your daily routine, and ultimately a part of your lifestyle,” said de Leede.

The wellness pods, videos and custom designed spaces, such as the Zen Rooms and Immersive Studios, are all part of the Wellness Solutions suite of specialised wellness products. De Leede founded Wellness Solutions in 2017 after having spent 40+ years in the fitness and wellness industries.

MV Narrative’s wellness center also includes an anti-aging clinic under the direction of Dr. Brian Martin which offers services such as physical therapy, acupuncture, remedial massage, IV nutraceuticals, bioidentical hormone replacement, chelation therapy, pain management, aesthetic procedures and rapid metabolic weight loss. All these services are just a part of an overall individually-tailored health plan for residents, which includes access to personal trainers and nutritionists.