The popularity of coworking spaces has been trending upward for several years now. The same people who embraced the flexibility of working remotely in a post-pandemic world, are increasingly craving the social and productivity benefits that come with separating the work environment from the home.

Fitness and wellness entrepreneur, Tony de Leede, has created a new offering for those workers with the launch of Wello Works, a coworking space with built-in wellness services to help like-minded people create a workplace that promotes both a productive and restorative environment.

What are the benefits of a coworking space?

Working from home was adopted with great enthusiasm by both employers and employees following the global pandemic. Those who were yet to accept that remote working could occur alongside productivity were forced into testing the waters when we were thrust into extended lockdown in 2021.

While working from home has its advantages, and fewer people in the office have meant that some businesses have been able to downsize floor space, many people are realising that working alongside others has advantages of social interaction, networking opportunities, and the clear distinction between the working day and when it is over.

A well-curated coworking space can offer a tasteful aesthetic environment that can not only boost productivity but offer functional office facilities and access to meeting rooms and quiet areas that working from home cannot.

wello works coworking sydney
wello works sydney coworking space

What is Wello Works?

Recognising the demand for appealing coworking spaces, and also how the community has prioritised wellness over recent years, Tony de Leede came up with the concept of seamlessly integrating coworking and wellness under one roof. Wello Works is a unique space that comprises two distinct offerings, Wello Coworking, and Wello Collective.

In a twist on the familiar term “smoko” – traditionally a short cigarette break from work, the “wello” is a phrase coined to signify a wellness break. The “wello” is designed to promote a healthier, more balanced workplace and encompasses movement, mindfulness, wellbeing, and holistic health. These wellness breaks reflect Wello Works’ commitment to offering a work environment that encourages an emphasis on incorporating positive activities into the workday that prioritise self-care.

What is the difference between Wello Coworking and Wello Collective?

Wello Coworking provides a work environment for both individuals and teams, with a versatile setup, including private offices, workstations, and meeting rooms. It features a wellness lounge, which encompasses massage chairs, O2 breathing, and meditation chairs, a virtual movement studio, and its Zen Immersive Room. The lounge is a relaxed space for both mingling with others and also for simply stepping away from the desk for a while.

The Wello Collective is a standalone wellness hub that can be accessed without needing to hold a Coworking membership. Here, visitors can enjoy 10-20 minute sessions indulging in a range of premium wellness amenities, including;

  • Infrared sauna with salt bricks;
  • LED light therapy
  • Hydromassage
  • Meditation pods
  • Somadome deep meditation, and
  • Cryolounge
wello works sydney wellness studio

How much does Wello Works cost?

Wello Works has created a membership level to suit everyone, making this accessible to a range of budgets.

Whether it’s a whole team requiring several offices for six months, or the work-at-home individual seeking a change of scenery one day per week, there’s a setup in this coworking space to suit. There are even casual passes available for access to the wellness lounge for less than $20 per day. Full details on pricing can be found on the Wello Works website.

Wello Works opens in Sydney

If the concept has piqued your interest and you’re seeking a unique and positive work environment, Wello Works is inviting the local community, businesses, and media representatives to an Open Weekend taking place from March 8th to 10th 2024.

Wello Works is located at 74 Mentmore Ave, Rosebery and doors will be open from 9am to 5pm.

Attendees will have the opportunity to explore both the Coworking and Wellness spaces, try some of the amenities out, meet the team, and discover how Wello Works is redefining the way people work and prioritise wellbeing.